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Servicing customers in the US,  Canada &  for the University in the Dominican Republic.


The bk Sheep Nutrition program was developed in 1992.  At that time, I had been in the dairy nutrition consulting and ration balancing for four years.  I was working for a local mill that provided custom mineral blends for dairy farmers.  We custom blended mineral mixes to save the dairy producers money and do a better job balancing their rations.  With mineral mixes specifically designed for each herd and re-balanced as needed, we increased the customer’s profitability.  We had a local dairy producer that had sold his cows and further expand his sheep flock.  This former dairy producer was accustomed to specific mineral mixes for his cows and now looked for the same service with his sheep flock.

Since I was unaware of any sheep nutrition balancing programs, I developed my own.  I designed my own trace mineral and vitamin package with the advice of university and technical college professionals and knowledgeable sheep producers.  bk Sheep Base was the first trace mineral and vitamin pre-mix used in the formulation of balanced rations.  With the help of Janet McNally (Tamarack Lamb & Wool, Hinckley, MN), this first product had been re-formulated to help prevent copper toxicity, and deficiencies in Selenium, Vitamin E, Cobalt, and Iodine.  I have since developed two more bk Sheep trace mineral and vitamin products.

In 1996, I left the local mill to become a regional manager for a dairy nutrition company.  My sheep program was lightly marketed during this time.  In August of 1997, I became an independent manager and consultant for dairy and sheep customers.  Since becoming an independent consultant, I have been working harder on marketing the sheep program.  In 1999, I formed my own corporation called Bear Lake Enterprises, Inc.

Since the services and products of bk Sheep Nutrition Services are provided by myself, the flexibility of my program allows me to work with each producer one on one. My goal is to build this business through high quality products and services that will increase your profits through healthier and more productive sheep.


bk Sheep Nutrition
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